Philosophy & Mission


Sri Matrix Construction Sdn Bhd is recognized as one of premier build organizations. Our experience and performance record has earned us an enviable reputation among corporate clients  & financial institutions .We have consistently demonstrated the ability to construct projects that are functional, economical and aesthetically pleasing .Our firm is licensed building contractor. all construction is supervised and coordinate by our own personal staff, and performed by some of best sub-contractors.
By being our own contractor, we are able to control the timing and quality of our jobs. It also enables us to reduce overall cost, resulting in the most economical lease rates/purchase prices for our clients. We take pride in that we are able to fast track a project without having to sacrifice quality or cost.


While market trends and customer needs change, Sri Matrix Construction Sdn Bhd will continue doing business under the premise by which it was founded Quality and performance. 
To accomplish this Mission Sri Matrix Construction is committed to developing, construction and maintaining site where our customers can live, work and enjoy. We strive for safe, clean and family friendly environments in every development.                                                                                                              
Our Mission is to expertly orchestrate for our clients the design, development and construction of superior projects. To do so we employ our best qualities.


It our mission to be a civil industrial engineering contractor committed to providing maximum customer satisfaction. Utilizing our unique capabilities to provide innovative quality solutions , we will be the lowest cost provider of services in all our markets. Through internal and external partnering we will provide a maximum value to customers challenging, rewarding, Safe environment to our employees, and a superior return on investment consistent with maximum sustainable growth for our share holders. Our goals is to create for all of our shareholders becoming our customers preferred partner in solutions.


At Sri Matrix Construction Sdn Bhd

  • A regional , professional construction services firm committed to exceptional client service , we believe that market leadership is based primarily on performance and reputation.
  • A firm recognized throughout the construction industry for delivering quality and value.
  • A firm committed to long term growth based on a solid foundation of outstanding and loyal people using contemporary business, management and construction systems, all working together for fair profit.


Every aspect of the construction process is carefully Supervised by us. The building site is kept in an orderly fashion, to ensure safety and productivity. Our ‘team’ of qualified trade’s people will ensure the best results possible